To Promote global interventions to reduce climate change and air pollution

To Spread awareness about environmental pollution and its impact on living organism and human health.

To preserve human health, and to protect the environment from any harmful effects of the depletion of the ozone layer.


Environmental pollution is not a new phenomenon, but it is still the world’s most serious problem, as well as one of the primary causes of disease and mortality. Urbanization, industrialization, mining, etc. are all examples of human activities that contribute to global environmental degradation. Both developed and developing countries share this responsibility, Despite the fact that environmental pollution has received worldwide attention, the impact is still felt owing to its severe long-term implications.

The progressive weakening of the Earth’s ozone layer in the upper atmosphere caused by the discharge of chemical compounds containing gaseous chlorine or bromine from industry and other human activities is known as ozone depletion. In the polar areas, notably over Antarctica, the thinning is most noticeable. Ozone depletion is a serious environmental issue because it increases the amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching the Earth’s surface, which causes skin cancer, cataracts, and genetic and immune system damage.

Air Pollution and Treatment

Biotechnology and Environment


Environmental Risk Management and Environmental Protection

Environmental Sustainability and Development

Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy

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